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Munich-based brewery Paulaner promotes social projects in the city with its in-house Salvator award.

The Paulaner brewery group approached us with the request to assist them in developing, and providing communication around, a sponsorship award for local civic engagement. We quickly realized the importance of involving relevant players from Munich’s urban society. Paulaner welcomed this suggestion, and thus the corner points of the award—from its criteria and application to how it would be given out—were developed in a joint workshop involving all relevant parties.

The Salvator award was the result of this process and rewards the implementation of innovative ideas for a better Munich. It also provides support to successful applicants in the form of a one-year mentoring program. The initial application is very simple and straightforward. In a second step, selected applicants are invited to a one-day workshop during which their projects and ideas are explored and substantiated together with experts. It is only after this step that further detailed paperwork and documentation must be provided.

The concept met with an extraordinarily high level of response and acceptance. Even in its very first year, almost 100 ideas were submitted. Four of the applicants were awarded financial support for the implementation of their idea. The award ceremony was a true success for the Paulaner brewery group and laid a solid foundation for stronger networking within Munich’s urban society, where the company is based.


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