Effective engagement

Social engagement has become even more relevant through the refugee crisis. Companies have since stepped up their efforts for social concerns—because they’re well aware that successful business requires a stable society. And it’s more than a welcome side effect that this kind of engagement also creates better visibility, motivates staff and attracts young talent. Yet for this kind of engagement to remain credible for the long term, its impact must be verifiable.

Engagement strategy

A successful strategy for the social engagement of companies—often called corporate citizenship—considers the effects of the engagement as early as in the planning stage. Therefore, the fields of action must fit the company, and its activities must lead to demonstrable effects. If these have societal relevance, the company’s reputation will also benefit.

Employee volunteering

Granting employees time off for social engagement projects sound simple enough. There’s typically a great desire for this among staff and young employees particularly appreciate such offers. A solid concept is required to make it worthwhile, however. Suitable projects, employee coaching, flexible organization, intensive communication and a great motto—these are all indispensable, and we can help you make it all happen.


Having the right partner is an important ingredient when it comes to the success of social engagement projects. This is why many organizations position themselves through reports about the effectiveness of their activities and recognized charity seals. We can help you see the big pictures and select the right activities so you can get it all off to a good start.


Conducting regular evaluations of the supported projects may be a lot to ask, but it’s necessary to keep track of the objectives and demonstrate the added value of the company engagement. We support companies in carrying out their impact assessment according to the criteria of the London Benchmark Group. We also help organizations create an effectiveness report based on these criteria.

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