Responsibility knows no limits

To assume responsibility along the complete value chain is a complex matter and begins with product development. Responsibly shaping the supply chain means taking numerous steps and creating new designs for global processes—and yet it’s worth all this effort because the demand for sustainable products is growing.

Supply chain management

Adherence to social and environmental standards is a prerequisite for sustainable supply-chain management. We provide implementation support and assist you in shaping processes that create transparency. The status quo can be improved through monitoring across all value creation stages and cooperation with suppliers.

Portfolio assessment

To make a product portfolio more sustainable, potential risks and hot spots must be examined with care. We do this by developing product-specific sustainability criteria as well as methods and processes for screening individual product categories or the entire portfolio.

Impact analysis

To understand the impact of one’s own business activities and activate the right levers, resilient data and insights are needed. We have the right tools for analyzing social and ecological effects throughout the complete product lifecycle and identifying impacts along the entire value chain.

Regulatory demands

The UK Modern Slavery Act, CSR reporting obligations, Loi de vigilance or the EU Regulation on Conflict Minerals – the due diligence of preliminary production stages are increasing. We always keep an eye on regulatory trends.

Human rights due diligence

The implementation of human rights due diligence processes has become a concrete demand of the German Federal Government (NAP) to business. And the defense of human rights is a key customer requirement in both B2B and B2C markets. We support companies in fulfilling their human rights due diligence obligations in a risk-adequate manner.

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